Automated Quality Assessment of Interferometric Ring Laser Data


In seismology, an increased effort to observe all 12 degrees of freedom of seismic ground motion by complementing translational ground motion observations with measurements of strain and rotational motions could be witnessed in recent decades, aiming at an enhanced probing and understanding of Earth and other planetary bodies. The evolution of optical instrumentation, in particular large-scale ring laser installations, such as G-ring and ROMY (ROtational Motion in seismologY), and their geoscientific application have contributed significantly to the emergence of this scientific field. The currently most advanced, large-scale ring laser array is ROMY, which is unprecedented in scale and design. As a heterolithic structure, ROMY’s ring laser components are subject to optical frequency drifts. Such Sagnac interferometers require new considerations and approaches concerning data acquisition, processing and quality assessment, compared to conventional, mechanical instrumentation. We present an automated approach to assess the data quality and the performance of a ring laser, based on characteristics of the interferometric Sagnac signal. The developed scheme is applied to ROMY data to detect compromised operation states and assign quality flags. When ROMY’s database becomes publicly accessible, this assessment will be employed to provide a quality control feature for data requests.

Further Information
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