Poynting theorem in magnetic turbulence


We use the general electromagnetic energy equation, i.e. the Poynting flux, in order to derive an expression for the turbulent power-spectral density in low-frequency magnetic turbulence. We do not refer to Elsasser variables as is usually done in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence mixing mechanical and electromagnetic turbulence. We rather stay with an implicit form of the mechanical part of turbulent as suggested by electromagnetic theory in any medium. The idea is to delegate all of mechanics and flow into an unknown response function which by appropriate observations can possibly be determined when knowing the turbulent fluctuation spectra. This approach is not guided by the wish of developing a complete theory of turbulence, it rather aims on the identification of the reponse function or tensor from observations as input into a theory which afterwards, having gathered this type of knowledge, attempts its interpretation. The combination of both the magnetic and electric power spectral densities leads to a representation of the turbulent response function of the plasma.

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