The Heliospheric Termination Shock


The heliospheric Terminal Shock is the largest (by dimension) shock in the heliosphere. It is believed that it is also the strongest shock and is responsible for the generation of the Anomalous Cosmic Ray component in the heliosphere. This chapter review the gross properties and observations of the Terminal Shock. It is structured as follows: 1. The heliosphere, providing the heliospheric stage for Terminal Shock formation, 2. The argument for a heliospheric Terminal Shock, 3. The global heliospheric system, 4. Terminal Shock properties, 5. Observations: the Voyager passages, radio observations, plasma waves and electron beams, traces of plasma and magnetic field, energetic particles, galactic cosmic rays, Terminal Shock particles, the Anomalous Cosmic Ray component, 6. Conclusions.

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