magnetism_preview.jpegThe magnetism group at LMU consists of about 20 people, representing one of the largest groups in Germany dedicated to studying the magnetic properties of natural materials to better understand processes in the Earth and planetary sciences.

Our research focus spans diverse fields such as paleomagnetism (plate tectonics, mountain building, magnetostratigraphy, etc.), magnetic properties of rocks and minerals (soil development, high pressure mineral physics, meteorites, etc.), geomagnetism (present and past magnetic field behavior), and biomagnetism (magnetotactic bacteria, magnetoreception, etc.).

We have three main research facilities including several laboratories in downtown Munich, a geomagnetic observatory in Fürstenfeldbruck, 30 km west of Munich, and a laboratory for paleo- and biomagnetism and high-pressure mineral physics in a forest near Landshut, 80 km northeast of Munich.