Bachelors and Masters thesis topics / project leader


Magnetostratigraphy of a Quaternary section from the Nesseltalgraben, Berchtesgaden / Bachtadse


Magnetic properties of Quaternary cave sediments / Bachtadse


Magnetic studies of rocks from the Ries meteorite impact crater / Gilder


Magnetic properties under pressure / Gilder


Paleomagnetism - tectonics of South America / Gilder


Topics related to space weather / Kronberg


Applications of machine learning / Kronberg


Palaeomagnetic interpretation of numerical dynamo simulations / Lhuillier


Analysis of the 19th century geomagnetic record from Munich/Bogenhausen observatory / Lhuillier


Palaeomagnetic field behaviour during the Oligocene from Hocheifel volcanics / Lhuillier


Palaeomagnetic field behaviour during the Cretaceous Normal Superchron / Lhuillier


Robustness of relative palaeointensity methods on volcanic rocks / Lhuillier


Observation of shrinkage cracks in basaltic titanomagneties: relevance for paleomagnetism / Petersen


Investigation of magnetic properties of an unusual natural magnetotactic bacterium / Petersen


Magnetic properties of dust / Petersen


Observing magnetic domains in iron meteorites / Pohl


Implementation of magnetic analysis methods in Python / Wack


High performance FORC processing with C++ CUDA OpenCL / Wack


Anisotropy of natural and/or synthetic materials / Wack