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Neustadt Workshop on

Noise and Diffuse Wavefields

Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany
11-14 November 2012

The extended abstracts are now online!


The program is online here.
We will start welcoming you with coffee and open discussion on Sunday at 16:00. The official opening is Sunday at 18:30. On Wednesday, the scientific programme ends at 12:30, with the option to stay for lunch.
Your poster dimensions can be up to 85 cm x 119 cm (width x height). The format for non-keynote presentations will be a 20 minute talk, followed by 5 minutes of questions.

The Topic

Recent developments in wave theory, acoustics, and seismology throw a new light on noise and diffuse wave fields. The discovery of long range correlations in diffuse wave fields led to a variety of applications that make use of the possibility to retrieve Green's functions without an active source. Applications range from surface wave tomography of continents over imaging in acoustics and medicine to monitoring of volcanoes and engineering structures. The basis of all these techniques is the randomness of the wave field. This randomness might originate from disordered sources that generate a signal which is usually referred to as noise. The randomness might also stem from alteration of the wave field by scattering. Fundamental research on the properties of noise and diffuse wave fields appears therefore as important as the new applications that make use of them.
This workshop intends to gather and discuss experience from all involved disciplines about noise and diffuse wave fields, their causes, properties, and use.
A book with extended abstracts for this years workshop is available here. You can find the book for the 2009 workshop here.

Keynote speakers

Hisashi Nakahara Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
Eric Larose Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Grenoble
Haruo Sato Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University


The workshop will take place in the Herz-Jesu-Kloster Neustadt in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

Larger map

Full address:
Waldstraße 145
67434 Neustadt an der Weinstraße


Registration deadline: September 10, 2012
Abstract submission: September 30, 2012


Registration is closed

Extended Abstracts

As for the last workshop, we will publish a book with extended abstracts as a special issue of the "Mitteilungen" of the German Geophysical Society. You can find a Latex template for the abstracts here, along with a pdf example. It is based on the IEEE format, more information here. The extended abstracts are limited to 2 pages maximum, please avoid color figures if possible, and make sure that there are no page numbers on your abstract.

Don't use Latex? Can't get IEEEtran to work? For any questions/problems concerning the abstracts or template, please contact us at the address above.

Workshop Fee

The workshop fee is 300 €. This includes accommodation (mostly in double rooms), full board and the book with extended abstracts that will be published for the workshop. The workshop is limited to 60 participants.

Contact & Organisation

For any questions concerning the workshop, please contact us.

Organised by:

Andreas Schmidt (Universität Leipzig)
Christoph Sens-Schönfelder (GFZ Potsdam)
Céline Hadziioannou (LMU Munich)
Ulrich Wegler (BGR, Hannover)
Ernst Niederleitinger (BAM, Berlin)

Sponsored by:

Specht, Kalleja + Partner GmbH
Quest ITN
Specht, Kalleja
+ Partner GmbH