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Geophysical Data Analysis (MSc course, 2016)

General Information

Class is in Room: C419 every Monday during the summer semester (11.4.2016 - 4.7.2016), from 13:00 - 16:30 with a break. Generally speaking, class will consist of a lecture followed by a short practical exercise.



For the practicals it is best if you can bring your laptop to class. You can work together, so it's enough if at least half of the students bring their laptop. To prepare, please install the Python 3.4 version of Anaconda - available here
Please also install the latest version of obspy, available here:


Note: all lecture pdf's will be added after the lecture. The practical material will be added before each lecture.

Observatory visit

On Monday July 11th, you will visit the observatory in Fürstenfeldbruck. Easiest way to get there is the S-Bahn S4 in the direction of Geltendorf. From the Fürstenfeldbruck train station, it's a nice 20 min. walk to the observatory. You will stay there all day, so bring lunch! You will also need your laptop.