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A tracer's sojourn: exploring common issues with tracer methods (15:00!)

Speaker: Nathan Sime (Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science)
Tracer methods are well known for their robustness when advecting sharp jumps in material properties in the absence of diffusion. However they introduce a number of mathematical concerns. In this talk we explore the following: (a) Exact satisfaction of the continuity equation, (b) Exact conservation of mass, (c) Tracers in compressible velocity fields, (d) Addition and removal of tracers from a discretisation without affecting mass conservation, (e) Diffusion of tracer data. We explore in the context of modelling mantle convection by exploiting the hybrid discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) method via the GeoPart and LEoPart libraries in conjunction with the FEniCS project.
by Marcus Mohr last modified 04. Jun 2021 10:24
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