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Benchmark studies of mantle convection code ASPECT

Speaker: Ray Wang (Geophysics/LMU)
ASPECT ( Advanced Solver for Problems in Earth’s ConvecTion) is an open source mantle convection code that is mainly built upon libraries (e.g. deal.II). In this study, we evaluated its accuracy and performance by implementing three Stokes benchmarks: a). A linearly varying viscosity in 2D cartesian geometry (Popov etal, 2014). b). An exponentially varying viscosity in 3D cartesian geometry (Popov etal, 2014) and c). A semi-analytical benchmark in 3D spherical geometry (Horbach etal, 2020). In addition, we also applied adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) in order to test its efficiency and precision. As a result, three benchmarks have been successfully recovered and their individual performance will be discussed in this presentation.
by Marcus Mohr last modified 17. Jun 2020 09:56
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