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Salvus: A Flexible Open-Source Package for Full-Waveform Modelling and Inversion

Speaker: Martin van Driel (ETH Zurich)
Within all domain-specific software projects, finding the correct balance between flexibility and performance is often difficult. In the seismic imaging community, the trend has been to move towards codes which are heavily optimized, but which often sacrifice usability and flexibility. Here we introduce Salvus: an open-source HPC high-order finite element (FE) package focused on full-waveform modelling and inversion, which is designed to be both flexible and performant. Salvus was constructed by following modern software design practices, testing protocols, and by establishing its foundations upon existing open-source high-level scientific libraries, such as PETSc and Eigen. The FE framework is generalized over spatial dimensions, time-integrators, polynomial order and wave-propagation physics, and provides support for both hexahedral and tetrahedral meshes. Additionally, support is included for various numerical optimization methods. We discuss our usage of existing open-source scientific libraries, our choice level of abstraction, and quantitatively investigate the performance penalties associated with these abstractions.
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