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Hardware-aware optimization of SeisSol: Current status and outlook

Speaker: Alexander Breuer (TUM/Informatics V)
In this talk we present the current status of hardware-aware optimizations applied to SeisSol, a package for simulation of seismic wave phenomena on unstructured grids, based on the discontinuous Galerkin method combined with ADER time discretization. We show how a rigorous enriched pre-compile phase leads to significant speedups. Especially code generation for small sparse matrix kernels, typical for discontinuous Galerkin schemes, is a key point enabling usage of advanced features on state-of-the-art hardware, such as the SSE-instruction set. Finally we give an outlook to optimizations introducing hardware requirements already in the numerical setup, which is crucial to prepare SeisSol for next-generation supercomputers.
by Marcus Mohr last modified 14. Jan 2013 13:00
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Printed 08. Dec 2021 04:27