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Friday, 10:15 – 11:45, Theresienstr. 41, Room C406 (Lamont)

This seminar consists of a series of talks by different speakers. We plan to discuss in an informal manner topics related to Geocomputing. This especially includes questions and issues related to the projects currently on the way in the Geophysics section. Topics will also include technical details of High-Performance Computing, numerical algorithms and software and tool related issues.
Further information

Date Speaker Title Host
20. Oct 2017 Fabian Stenzel (IRI THESys/HU Berlin) Application of bioenergy plantations for CO2 extraction from the atmosphere
27. Oct 2017 Marcus Mohr (Geophysics/LMU) Q&A Session
03. Nov 2017 no seminar today
10. Nov 2017 Marcus Mohr (Geophysics/LMU) Conjugate Gradients and GMRES
17. Nov 2017 no seminar today
24. Nov 2017 Marcus Mohr, Jens Oeser (Geophysics/LMU) Q&A Session
01. Dec 2017 no seminar today
08. Dec 2017 TerraNeo Team TerraNeo Project Meeting Marcus Mohr
15. Dec 2017 Marcus Mohr, Jens Oeser (Geophysics / LMU) Q&A Session
22. Dec 2017 no seminar today
12. Jan 2018 Marcus Mohr (Geophysics/LMU) Git: Collaborative Workflows & Treating large files (cancelled)
19. Jan 2018 Marcus Mohr, Jens Oeser (Geophysics) Q&A Session
26. Jan 2018 Siavash Ghelichkhan (Geophysics/LMU) The Adjoint Method in Geodynamics: Recent Developments
02. Feb 2018 t.b.a.
09. Feb 2018 Lion Krischer (ETH Zürich) Automated Large-Scale Full Seismic Waveform Inversion for North America and the North Atlantic (start 11:15) Bernhard Schuberth
16. Feb 2018 Marcus Mohr, Jens Oeser (Geophysics/LMU) Q&A Session
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