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This page contains information on people and organisational units that you will or might come in contact with during your studies.

General Questions

Persons interested in starting our programme and having questions concerning the application process or programme details please direct your inquiries to

contact address
Course Guidance and Mentoring

If you have questions concerning contents of the programme, such as e.g. courses, specialisations, ... contact our official student advisor Prof. Dr. Heiner Igel.

Students admitted to the programme will also receive an academic mentor from the faculty of Geophysics to guide them through the programme.

Examinations Office

The examinations office responsible for the international masters programme in Geophysics is the Prüfungsamt Naturwissenschaften Innenstadt (PANI). Here you will

  • receive your transcripts
  • receive your final documents
  • hand in applications to the examinations committee
  • hand in sick notes for exams
  • hand in your written thesis
  • ...

Your place of contact is the Contact Point Geosciences of PANI.

Examinations Committee

The examination committee currently consists of the following four persons

  • Prof. H.-P. Bunge (LMU, chairman)
  • Prof. A. Friedrich (LMU)
  • Prof. S. Gilder (LMU)
  • Prof. R. Pail (TUM)

Applications to the examination committee are to be submitted at the "Kontaktstelle Geowissenschaften" of the examinations office (PANI) and need to be signed by the applicant.

Master Moodle

Registered students of the programme will receive access to organisational details within the LMU Moodle.

Study Coordination

Time tables and similar information can be found on the webpages of the study coordination of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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