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WP 3.4 Special Topics in Paleo- and Geomagnetism

Wednesday, 11:00 – 13:00, Theresienstr. 41, Room C406 (Lamont)


Date Speaker Title
23. Oct 2019 Ahmed Saleh Mz-Cz volcanics from Egypt + Cairo Institute
06. Nov 2019 Florian Lhuillier Russia
13. Nov 2019 Justin Tonti-Filippini Reminiscences of a journey to Hunan
20. Nov 2019 Sandra Ostner Prospecting results of the field trip to Georgia and Armenia
27. Nov 2019 Leon Kaub Using magnetite nanoparticles to kill cancer cells
04. Dec 2019 Michael Wack Lab Safety
08. Jan 2020 Baha Eid Anomalous results from Ethiopia? Can I just exclude them and move on?
15. Jan 2020 Sophie Roud Greigite synthesis and its magnetic recording in sediments
22. Jan 2020 Vinzenz Weissbrodt Paleomagnetic evidence for potential vertical axis rotations in the Moroccan Meseta and implications for the intra-Pangea megashear system
29. Jan 2020 MSc Student Talks
05. Feb 2020 MSc Student Talks
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