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The swarmquake area Bad Reichenhall, southeast Germany.

Kraft, T., E. Schmedes, H. Igel, P. Danecek, and J. Ripperger (2002), The swarmquake area Bad Reichenhall, southeast Germany., in EGS, XXVII General Assembly, vol. EGS02-A-04914, Nice, France.

The area under the Hochstaufen mountain range near Bad Reichenhall, southeast Germany, has been known for centuries for the occurence of small (M<4.0) earthquake swarms. In the absence of a permanent dense network it was impossible to accurately locate the shallow events and/or pin down the causes for the quakes. However, the frequency of the events indicates significant seasonal variations and correlation with heavy rainfall. To better quantify these phenomena and investigate this potential laboratory for fluid-related earthquake phenomena a permanent short-period network was installed in the year 2001 in this area. To investigate possible correlations with atmospheric phenomena, three weather stations continuously record temperature, absolute pressure, and rainfall in the epicentral area. This subnet is part of the new Bavarian earthquake service, funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Environment. The 1s short period instruments record permanently and event data are frequently transmitted via ISDN to the data centre in the Geophysical Observatory at Fuerstenfeldbruck near Munich. The data can be accessed online at www.erdbeben-in-bayern.de. The goal of this study is to examine quantitatively whether there are significant correlations between seismic acivity and atmospheric phenomena as well as ground water levels which are available around the epicentral area. The advantage of this area compared to tectonically active region is, that the shallow events happen in an extremely small crustal volume offering the ability to monitor the atmospheric conditions at high resolution.
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