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SeisSol Optimization, Scaling and Synchronization for Local Time Stepping

De la Puente, Josep, Martin Käser, and Jose Maria Cela (2009), SeisSol Optimization, Scaling and Synchronization for Local Time Stepping, in Science and Supercomputing in Europe, edited by S. Monfardini, pp. 300-3022, CINECA, Italy, ISBN: 978-88-86037-22-8.

The SeisSol code is a solver for the elastic wave equations developed in the past
three years. It uses a novel technique, essentially a DG (Discontinuous Galerkin)
method, called ADER-DG which is a high-order scheme using tetrahedra as computational
cells. The code has been extended to many special cases interesting for seismologists
e.g. anisotropy, viscoelasticity, poroelasticity and finite sources. It is written in
FORTRAN 95 and uses meshes created externally with a variety of commercial software,
mostly Gambit and ICEM CFD. Mesh partitioning is performed using the Metis
software. Parallelization has been implemented using MPI (Message Passing Interface)
libraries and the code is successfully working in different local clusters as well
as the Munich Supercomputer HLRB2. A novel asynchronous explicit time stepping
scheme can strongly reduce the overall number of iterations but makes the number of
iterations performed by each processor time-dependent. We study the time evolution
of the workload for each processor for a large-scale simulation setup and speculate on
possible solutions.
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