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  • SeisMo: Seismology of the Moon (H2020) Individual Incoming Fellowship (2016-2018)
  • ExaHyPE: A high-order space-time adaptive hyperbolic PDE solver at exascale (2015-2019, H2020, in negotiation)
  • ROMY: Rotational Motions: A New Observable for Seismology (2014-2019, EU FP7) ERC Advanced Grant 2013, www.romy-erc.eu
  • RHUM-RUM: Seismological imaging of a mantle plume under La Reunion (2015-2017, DFG)
  • Geodynamic Modelling and Tomographic Visibility of Mantle Plumes (2015-2017, DFG)
  • Body Wave Tomography of the Earth's Mantle under La Reunion (2015-2017, DFG)
  • Translation, Rotation and Strain: New Approaches to Seismic Processing and Inversion (2008-2012, DFG)
  • VERCE: Virtual Earthquake Research Community in Europe (2011-2015) FP7 e-infrastructure project, Munich is partner. (www.verce.eu)
  • SAMPLE: Mapping the Upper Mantle beneath the South Atlantic (2010-2013, DFG)
  • SAMPLE: Finite-frequency tomography of the South Atlantic Mantle (2010-2013, DFG)
  • Earthquake source and wave propagation modeling (2012-2015, DFG)
  • QUEST: Quantitative Estimation of Earth's Seismic Sources  and Structure (2009-2013)
    (EU FP7)
    Initial training network on all aspects of seismic inverse problems, Munich is coordinator
  • Seismic waveform tomography on continental scales (2009-2014, DFG)
  • Seismic wave propagation and imaging in complex media: a European network (2004-2008)
    (EU FP6)
    Ein Netzwerk für Forschung und Lehre in theoretischer Seismologie.
  • Broadband observations and modelling of rotational ground motions (2006-2008)    (DFG)
  • Web-basierte Auswertung seismologischer Daten (2006-2009)
    Entwicklung von web-basierter Software zur Analyse, Speicherung, und Simulation seismologischer Daten
  • Permanent observation of seismic activity in Bavaria.
    (Bavarian Ministry of the Environment with Bavarian Geological Survey)
    Development and operation of a seismic network in Bavaria, preparation of seismic data for the internet
  • TOAST: Toolbox for applied seismic tomography (BMBF) Assembly, benchmarking, application of tomographic tools on multiple scales 
  • Bubble dynamics during volcanic eruptions (DFG) in  situ measurements and modeling of physical processes of a rising and exploding gas slug
  • Seismicity and geothermal energy (Leibniz Institution for Applied Geophysics) Understanding seismicity in SE Munich and other areas with geothermal projects
  • Microearthquakes in the Molasse (Federal Ministry of Environment) Research on the occurence of microearthquakes in the Bavarian Molasse and on close proximity of geothermal activities
  • DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative: EuQuake, GLOBUS (computational ressources on various European supercomputers, Barcelona, Juelich, Munich)
  • Rotational Motions in Seismology (DFG) Understanding rotational ground motions: theory, instrumentation, inverse problems, data analysis
  • Web-based technology for storage, processing, and simulation of multi-component data in seismology
    Development of open-source software for use by the seismological community. Recent products are SEISHUB and OBSPY. Strong collaboration with NERIES and ORFEUS.
  • International Quality Network: Georisk
    (DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service)
    Provide research groups and students of our foreign partners with funds for participating in research and teaching in the area of georisks.
  • Observation and simulation of rotational motions
    (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
    Developing simulation methods for rotational motions, modelling observations using a ring laser
  • Wave propagation in 3D media: fault zones, volcanoes, earthquakes
    (KONWIHR, Kompetenznetzwerk für wissenschaftliches Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen in Bayern)
    Funds for implementing and applying parallel programmes for simulating seismic wave propagation on supercomputers
  • SISMOVALP: Earthquake hazards in alpine valleys
    Quantify seismic hazards in alpine valleys
  • 3D wave effects in global seismology
    (German Research Foundation)
    Development, verification and application of numerical methods for computing 3D wave propagation in global 3D structures
  • Supercomputing in seismology
    (Leibniz Data Centre Munich)
    Machine time for computing parallel algorithms in wave propagation
  • The 3-D seismic signature of plumes: wavefield effects and experiment optimization
    (German Research Foundation)
    Understanding the 3D wave signature of mantle plume structures
  • Mercator Fellowship Prof. Dr. Yehuda Ben-Zion
    (German Research Foundation)
    Guest research sty of Prof. Ben-Zion, cooperation in the area of wave propagation in fault zones and dynamics of rupture processes
  • Swarmquakes and fluids
    (German Research Foundation)
    Examining the relation between swarmquakes and atmospheric effects (e. g. precipitation) in the region of Bad Reichenhall
  • Fault zone waves
    (BaCaTec - Bavarian-Californian-Technology Center)
    Travel allowances for projects in California
  • Earthquake scenarios in the Cologne Basin
    Funding a Ph. D. thesis in the area of earthquake simulation
  • Earthquake scenarios in southern California
    Support for a diploma thesis examing seismic hazards in the southern California
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