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Possible phase transition in plasma mirror modes

Treumann, R. A., and W. Baumjohann (2020), Possible phase transition in plasma mirror modes, arXiv, 2012.08209(2012.08209).

Mirror modes in collisionless high-temperature plasmas represent macroscopic
high-temperature quasi-superconductors. We explicitly calculate the bouncing
electron contribution to the ion-mode growth rate, diamagnetic surface current
responsible for the Meissner effect, and the weak attracting electric field.
The mean electric field turns out to be negligible. Pairing is a second-order
effect of minor importance. The physically important effect is the resonant
interaction between bouncing electrons and the thermal ion-sound background. It
is responsible for the mirror mode to evolve as a phase transition from normal
to quasi-superconducting state.
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