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Physical and Chemical Principles of Magnetosensation in Biology

Winklhofer, Michael, and Thorsten Ritz (2007), Physical and Chemical Principles of Magnetosensation in Biology, in Handbook of Biomineralization, vol. 1, edited by Edmund Bäuerlein, pp. 163-180, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, ISBN: 978-3-527-31804-9.

This chapter provides an overview of the recent progress in elucidating the
physical basis of geomagnetic-field sensitivity in higher organisms. Following a
brief introduction to the behavioral evidence, two hypotheses on the magnetoreception
mechanism are discussed, both of which are physically plausible and in
agreement with behavioral experiments. Under the radical-pair hypothesis, an external
magnetic field will interfere with the dynamics of singlet-triplet interconversion
in a spin-correlated radical pair (RP) and, hence, change the ratio between
singlet and triplet products created from the RP (biochemical compass). The magnetite
hypothesis, on the other hand, posits that biogenic magnetite found in nerve
tissue converts the external magnetic field into a mechanical stimulus. A brief
overview is also provided of non-destructive techniques suitable to screen tissue
samples for the presence of magnetite or other iron mineral phases, which usually
is the first step in identifying magnetoreceptors and studying magnetite
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