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Bachelor and Master theses topics / project leader

Magnetostratigraphy of a Quaternary section from the Nesseltalgraben, Berchtesgaden / Bachtadse

Several topics related to space weather / Kronberg

Magnetic properties under pressure / Gilder

Observing magnetic domains in iron meteorites / Pohl

Magnetic properties of Quaternary cave sediments (If interested get in touch immediately) / Bachtadse

Observation of shrinkage cracks in basaltic titanomagneties: relevance for paleomagnetism / Petersen

Paleomagnetism - tectonics of South America / Gilder

Observation and analysis of magnetic properties of mechanically synthesized iron compounds / Wack

Investigation of magnetic properties of an unusual natural magnetotactic bacterium / Petersen

Paleomagnetism of Devonian sediments from the Hunsrück / Bachtadse

Paleomagnetism of rocks from the Ries meteorite impact crater / Gilder

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