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Seminar Series

In 2008 the Geocomputing group initiated a seminar series consisting of talks related to various topics from the field of Geocomputing. The main focus is to address and discuss in an informal manner issues related to the projects currently on the way in the Geophysics section. Talks also deal with technical details of High-Performance Computing, numerical algorithms and software and tool related issues.

The following tables give an overview on past talks. The schedule for winter term 2021 can be found here.

Summer Term 2021

Date Speaker Title Slides
07. May 2021 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Capturing Domain Curvature via Blending PDF
27. May 2021 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Introduction to Multigrid PDF
11. Jun 2021 Nathan Sime (Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science) A tracer's sojourn: exploring common issues with tracer methods n.a.
02. Jul 2021 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Finite Element Q&A n.a.
09. Jul 2021 Laura Melas (TUM) Three-dimensional physics-based numerical simulations of earthquake ground motion for advanced seismic risk assessment n.a.
09. Jul 2021 Marcus Mohr (LMU) An Overview on Benchmark Scenarios for Mantle Convection PDF

Winter Term 2020

Date Speaker Title Slides
18. Dec 2020 Markus Wiedemann (LRZ/LMU) Modeling Concurrent Data Rendering and Uploading for Graphics Hardware n.a.
23. Feb 2021 Marcus Mohr (LMU) TERRA vs. HyTeG & TerraNeo PDF

Summer Term 2020

Date Speaker Title Slides
29. May 2020 Hosna Khoshkhoo (LMU) TechTalk - Door Plate Generator n.a.
26. Jun 2020 Zhirui (Ray) Wang (LMU) Benchmark studies of mantle convection code ASPECT n.a.
17. Jul 2020 André Horbach (LMU) Theory and application of the adjoint method in geodynamics and an extended review of analytical solution methods to the Stokes equation (Doctoral defense) n.a.

Winter Term 2019

Date Speaker Title Slides
04. Oct 2019 Heiner Igel, Lion Krischer, Tobias Megies (ETHZ/LMU) seismo-live.org n.a.
18. Oct 2019 Jens Oeser (LMU) Introduction to the IT-Systems of Geophysics n.a.
25. Oct 2019 Jens Oeser (LMU) Introduction to the IT-Systems of Geophysics n.a.
29. Nov 2019 Jens Oeser (LMU) Informationsveranstaltung für Datenschutzansprechpersonen und Stellvertretungen der LMU n.a.
06. Dec 2019 Marcus Mohr (LMU) HyTeG - Current State and Future Plans PDF
20. Dec 2019 Alice Gabriel (LMU) SeisSol Project Meeting n.a.
09. Jan 2020 Joachim Wassermann (LMU) Geothermie Projekt n.a.
10. Jan 2020 Nina Kukowski (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena) How the Hikurangi convergent margin is shaped by gas hydrate systems, subducting seamounts, and slope failure n.a.

Summer Term 2019

Date Speaker Title Slides
03. May 2019 Isabel Papanagnou (LMU) Investigating thermal and seismic structure of the Lesser Antilles subduction zone in the context of the VoiLA project n.a.
10. May 2019 Jens Oeser (LMU) Neubau: AG EDV - Betriebstechnik n.a.
14. Jun 2019 Jens Oeser (LMU) RBG Geophysik: WAP Besprechung n.a.
05. Jul 2019 Ryosuke Ando (University of Tokyo) Modeling geometrical and rheological complexity of earthquakes n.a.
12. Jul 2019 Zoe Mildon (University Plymouth) Earthquakes and active faults in central Italy n.a.

Winter Term 2018

Date Speaker Title Slides
19. Oct 2018 Jens Oeser (LMU) Introduction to the IT-Systems of Geophysics n.a.
23. Nov 2018 Jens Oeser (LMU) Planung für TETHYS-3G n.a.
30. Nov 2018 Mario Teixeira Parente (TUM) Basics of Uncertainty Quantification and Bayesian Inverse Problems n.a.
07. Dec 2018 Simon Bauer (LMU) Recent Activity in TerraNeo n.a.
14. Dec 2018 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Chebyshev Iteration and Polynomial Smoothing n.a.
08. Feb 2019 Dave May (University of Oxford) Computational Methods for Two-Phase Flow in the Earth's Mantle n.a.

Summer Term 2018

Date Speaker Title Slides
18. May 2018 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Introduction to Algebraic Multigrid n.a.
15. Jun 2018 Florian Rinner (LMU) Konfiguration und Inbetriebnahme von Einplatinencomputern als Thin Clients unter Verwendung von Software wie "RPiTC", inklusive Anbindung an bestehende virtuelle Maschinen per SPICE Protokoll n.a.
22. Jun 2018 Marcus Mohr and Jens Oeser (LMU) ntroduction to the HPC Systems of Geophysics n.a.

Winter Term 2017

Date Speaker Title Slides
20. Oct 2017 Fabian Stenzel (IRI THESys/HU Berlin) Application of bioenergy plantations for CO2 extraction from the atmosphere n.a.
10. Nov 2017 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Conjugate Gradients and GMRES PDF
26. Jan 2018 Siavash Ghelichkhan (LMU) The Adjoint Method in Geodynamics: Recent Developments n.a.
09. Feb 2018 Lion Krischer (ETH Zürich) Automated Large-Scale Full Seismic Waveform Inversion for North America and the North Atlantic n.a.

Summer Term 2017

Date Speaker Title Slides
07. Apr 2017 Sergei Rott + Harry Wengner (Microstaxx GmbH) TETHYS-3G? n.a.
28. Apr 2017 Alexander Loechel (LMU) World Plone Day 2017 n.a.
2017 Daniel Endreß (TUM) Generic Output for Mesh-Based Supercomputing Applications PDF
02. Jun 2017 Simon Bauer (LMU) Results from the LRZ Scaling Workshop PDF
30. Jun 2017 Simon Bauer and Marcus Mohr (LMU) Fast on-the-fly assembly of FE-operators using Stencil Scaling PDF

Winter Term 2016

Date Speaker Title Slides
28. Oct 2016 Marcus Mohr (LMU) When Terra fails: Stencil Scaling and Variable Viscosity PDF
25. Nov 2016 Simon Bauer (LMU) Towards realistic mantle convection simulation with HHG at extreme scales - a status report n.a.
02. Dec 2016 Florian Rinner (LMU) Meet LRZ: Video Conferencing DokuWiki (internal)

Summer Term 2016

Date Speaker Title Slides
08. Apr 2016 Marcus Mohr and Jens Oeser (LMU) Possible Solutions for Version Control and Issue Tracking PDF
03. Jun 2016 René Neumaier (LMU) Virtualisierung mit LXC (RBG Geowissenschaften) n.a.
10. Jun 2016 Harry Wengner (Microstaxx GmbH) Aktuelle Entwicklungen im HPC Umfeld n.a.
17. Jun 2016 Sabrina Friedl and Marcus Mohr (LMU) HDF5 for Terra n.a.
24. Jun 2016 Cong Luo (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Seismic Wave Propagation Simulation Meets Computer Science n.a.
08. Jul 2016 Martin van Driel (ETH Zurich) Salvus: A Flexible Open-Source Package for Full-Waveform Modelling and Inversion n.a.

Winter Term 2015

Date Speaker Title Slides
23. Oct 2015 Jens Oeser (LMU) Introduction to the computer systems at Geophysics for the new MSc students n.a.
30. Oct 2015 Jens Oeser (LMU) Verbesserung der Klimatisierung des Serverraums C429 n.a.
13. Nov 2015 Jens Oeser (LMU) Besprechung der Rechnerbetriebsgruppe des Lehrstuhls für Geophysik n.a.
04. Dec 2015 Florian Rinner (LMU) Introduction to LRZ Sync+Share - a cross-platform cloud storage solution n.a.
15. Jan 2016 Jens Oeser (LMU) Besprechung der RBG Geowissenschaften n.a.
22. Jan 2016 Gerald Schroll (LMU) DFNVC - Der Videokonferenzdienst im Deutschen Forschungsnetz n.a.

Summer Term 2015

Date Speaker Title Slides
03. Jul 2015 Simon Baumann and Jens Weismüller (LMU) TERRA-Neo: Computation of element matrices and stencils n.a.
09. Jul 2015 Jens Oeser (LMU) Brainstorming - Entwicklung der IT-Systeme in der Geophysik n.a.
17. Jul 2015 Jens Oeser (LMU) Debian GNU/Linux JESSIE n.a.

Winter Term 2014

Date Speaker Title Slides
17. Oct 2014 Jens Oeser (LMU) Linux, WHEEZY and Environment Modules n.a.
24. Oct 2014 Simon Baumann (LMU) Multigrid for Mantle Convection: Convergence and Viscosity n.a.
31. Oct 2014 Michael Bader Petascale High Order Dynamic Rupture Earthquake Simulations on Heterogeneous Supercomputers n.a.
16. Jan 2015 Simon Baumann (LMU) Comparison of Multigrid Methods for the Stokes Equation n.a.
03. Mar 2015 Dieter Schindler (Fujitsu Technology Solutions) Optical Fibre-based Thermometry System (OFTS) n.a.
04. Mar 2015 Maik Derstappen (DERICO - Softwareentwicklung & Consulting) PLONE Workshop n.a.
13. Mar 2015 Simon Baumann (LMU) Aspects of Multigrid for Mantle Convection n.a.

Summer Term 2014

Date Speaker Title Slides
23. May 2014 Leonard Schlag (TU München) Computing mantle convection using FEniCS PDF
25. June 2014 Juliane Dannberg (GFZ Potsdam) State of the Art mantle convection modelling with ASPECT n.a.
04. July 2014 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Anelasticity: Implementation in Terra and Alternatives PDF

Winter Term 2013

Date Speaker Title Slides
14. Oct 2013 Mostafa Emami (FAU Erlangen) Quadratic Finite Elements for Hierarchical Hybrid Grids n.a.
20. Dec 2013 RBGGEO Jahresabschlußtreffen der Rechnerbetriebsgruppe Geo- und Umweltwissenschaften n.a.
17. Jan 2014 Cristóbal Castro (Universidad de Tarapacá) From tsunami propagation to three dimensional inundation n.a.

Summer Term 2013

Date Speaker Title Slides
31. May 2013 Thomas Chust (LMU) Programming in Lua and Interfacing to Native Code PDF
05. July 2013 Stefan Mauerberger (Bayerisches Geoinstitut/Universität Bayreuth) Object-Orientation in Fortran PDF Demo Codes

Winter Term 2012

Date Speaker Title Slides
09. Nov 2012 Florian Lhuillier (LMU) Numerische Modellierung des Geodynamos (Teil 1) PDF
23. Nov 2012 Florian Lhuillier (LMU) Numerische Modellierung des Geodynamos (Teil 2) PDF
18. Jan 2013 Alexander Breuer (TUM) Hardware-aware optimization of SeisSol: Current status and outlook n.a.

Winter Term 2011

Date Speaker Title Slides
11. Nov 2011 Marcus Mohr (LMU) What's Happening in Terra? n.a.
18. Nov 2011 Jens Weismüller (LMU) Boussinesq Approximation vs. Anelasticity for the Stokes Problem PDF
02. Dec 2011 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Toroidal and Poloidal Fields PDF
09. Dec 2011 Björn Gmeiner (Informatik 10/FAU Erlangen) A Geometric Multigrid Approach for Finite Elements: Hierarchical Hybrid Grids n.a.
10. Feb 2012 Andre Horbach (LMU) An analytic approach to the Stokes equations n.a.

Summer Term 2011

Date Speaker Title Slides
13. May 2011 Leonard Dick (HMK Supercomputing) Meeting/Discussion n.a.
27. May 2011 open discussion Tools, Datasets and Workflow for Geodynamical Modelling and Visualisation n.a.
03. Jun 2011 Maximilian von Ruepprecht (Advanced UniByte) Meeting/Dicussion n.a.
01. Jul 2011 Yang Li (LMU) SCons PDF

Winter Term 2010

Date Speaker Title Slides
19. Nov 2010 Jens Oeser and Marcus Mohr (LMU) Introduction to the IT infrastructure of Geophysics PDF
26. Nov 2010 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Multigrid methods I: Basic Concepts n.a.
03. Dec 2010 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Multigrid methods II: Advanced Topics PDF
10. Dec 2010 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Multigrid methods III: Algebraic Multigrid PDF
14. Jan 2011 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Technical Aspects of FEM in Terra PDF
04. Feb 2011 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Technical Aspects of Terra (cont.) PDF
11. Feb 2011 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Variable Viscosity in Terra PDF

Summer Term 2010

Date Speaker Title Slides
16 Apr 2010 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Short Course on Terra n.a.
30 Apr 2010 Yang Li (LMU) How Can We Improve Our Software Development for Computational Science and Engineering? PDF
02 Jul 2010 Dimitri Komatitisch (University of Pau) Modeling of seismic wave propagation using high-order finite elements with MPI on a cluster of 192 GPUs n.a.
09 Jul 2010 Dietmar Müller (University of Sydney) GPlates Workshop n.a.
16 Jul 2010 Jan Golonka (University of Krakow) Paleogeographic reconstructions and hydrocarbon exploration n.a.
23 Jul 2010 Sascha Brune (GFZ) Thermomechanical modeling of the lithosphere n.a.

Winter Term 2009

Date Speaker Title Slides
23. Oct 2009 Jens Oeser and Marcus Mohr (LMU) Lenny, Tethys & MPI PDF
30. Oct 2009 Christoph Moder (LMU) Details of SHELLS PDF
06 Nov 2009 Volunteers (LMU) Poster Generation Circus PDF
13 Nov 2009 Marcus Mohr (LMU) C-style Preprocessing for Fortran PDF
20 Nov 2009 Moritz Beyreuther and Tobias Megies (LMU) Hands on Vim 7 PDF HTML TXT
22 Jan 2010 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Version Control and Subversion (an Introduction) PDF Exercises PDF
19 Mar 2010 Peter Bollada (Cardiff University) Computer modelling of Plate generation in the Mantle n.a.

Summer Term 2009

Date Speaker Title Slides
08. May 2009 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Code Documentation with Doxygen PDF
05. Jun 2009 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Technical aspects of Terra (part 1) PDF
19. Jun 2009 Andreas Fichtner (LMU) Numerical and computational aspects of full seismic waveform tomography n.a.
26. Jun 2009 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Technical aspects of Terra (part 2) PDF

Winter Term 2008

Date Speaker Title Slides
31. Oct 2008 Robert Barsch (LMU) Test-driven development PDF
07. Nov 2008 Matthias Meschede and Kai Redeker (LMU) Mesh Generation with ICEM and Tetgen n.a.
21. Nov 2008 Verena Hermann (LMU) Bericht von der Summer School "Introduction to High-Performance Computing" an der KTH Stockholm PDF
28. Nov 2008 Marcus Mohr (LMU) Computer Architecture (Memory Technology and Cache Hierarchy) PDF
05. Dec 2008 Christoph Moder (LMU) Some Unix Tools: sed, awk, ssh PDF
12. Dec 2008 Michael Wack (LMU) Hardware Communications PDF
16. Jan 2009 Robert Barsch and Moritz Beyreuther (LMU) "from python import magic" - Python vs. other programming languages PDF (part 1)
PDF (part 2)
23. Jan 2009 Sara Carena (LMU) Introduction to Gocad PPT
06. Feb 2009 Simon Triebenbacher (Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt) HDF5 als Format für Finite Elemente Daten und deren Visualisierung mit VTK/ParaView PDF

Summer Term 2008

Date Speaker Title Slides
07. May 2008 Marcus Mohr (LMU, Geophysics) Parameter Handling with XML and Schema PDF
04. Jun 2008 Marcus Mohr and Jens Oeser (LMU, Geophysics) Intel Math Kernel Library and coredump@geophysik PDF
18. Jun 2008 Gilbert Brietzke and Marcus Mohr (LMU, Geophysics) Debugging with Totalview & Valgrind PDF
25. Jun 2008 Christoph Moder (LMU, Geology) Practical Usage of the Holodeck n.a.
02. Jul 2008 Thomas Chust (LMU, Geophysics) Scala & Co. PDF (talk), PDF (notes)
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