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Deadlock - Front View

Deadlock - Front View

The GeoComputing group operates an ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ESC4000 G3 Series server with 256 GB of main memory. It acts as compute server for applications requiring a huge amount of directly addressable memory and as a test-bed for porting our applications to multi-core systems. It is an Intel Broadwell based machine with 36 cores that can run 72 threads (near) simultaneously making use of Intel's hyper-threading technology. The system has two Intel Xeon CPU E5-2695 v4 18-Core CPUs and a directly attached 22 TB hard-drive (RAID 6).

Further system specifications are listed in the table below:

Hostname deadlock.geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
CPU type Intel Xeon CPU E5-2695 v4 (2.10GHz)
CPU sockets 2
CPU cores 36
CPU threads 72
RAM 256 GB
Local scratch space 22 TB
Operating System Debian GNU/Linux
Commissioned April 2017


The machine was financed by the German Science Foundation (DFG) in the context of grant WAP INST 86/1619-1W.
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