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Privacy Policy

Recording of data

As we have had to encounter security threatening events we record all relevant information about your visit to our website. Each attempt to access our web server geophysik.uni-muenchen.de is subject to such a record. This web server is operated by the Geophysics Section, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (furtheron "Geophysics Section").

Depending on the internet protocol used we store data comprising the following information:

  • The Internet Protocol Address which is assigned to you while accessing our server.
  • Date and time of your attempted access.
  • The method of access or the function you request.
  • Any data which is input by the computer requesting access will be represented (e. g. by its file name).
  • The status of your attempted access, e. g. whether a file is transmitted, a file has not been found or a command is executed.
  • The name of any file requested.
  • The URL from which the file or function is requested.

Utilisation of the data

The data stored is used to identify and trace any unauthorised attempts to access our web servers (whether successful or not) and - in anonymous form - to optimise our web services.

Storage time

The data is kept for three months and then is deleted.

Data evaluation

The stored data is evaluated by employees of the Geophysics Section.

E-mail security

If you send us an e-mail your e-mail address is only used for correspondence with you.


The information services provided by the Geophysics Section contain links to other web services which are marked in the following manner: Exemplary link to Google.

The Geophysics Section provides the possibility of accessing this content (ยง 9 of the German Law on Teleservices - Teledienstgesetz). The Institute of Geophysics is not responsible for this external content as it does not initiate the transmission of this information. Furthermore, it neither selects the receiver of this information nor selects or alterates the information transmitted.

Besides that, the method of linking and calling this external content used does not imply any automatic, temporary and intermediate storage of this external content. Therefore, linking this content in the way described does not cause any responsibility of the Geophysics Section for this external content.

However, the Geophysics Section has reviewed the respective content and has satisfied itself that the content is not subject to civil or criminal law regulations prohibiting its publication.

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