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Dynamic Rupture Along Bimaterial Interfaces in 3D

Brietzke, G., A. Cochard, and H. Igel (2007), Dynamic Rupture Along Bimaterial Interfaces in 3D, Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L11305, doi:10.1029/2007GL029908.

We perform numerical simulations of dynamic rupture propagation on a plane in a model consisting of two different elastic half spaces connected via a planar frictional interface governed by regularized Coulomb friction. Therefore, ruptures in this study are purely driven by the presence of a material contrast. Ruptures are nucleated on the fault using a circular symmetric expanding increase of pore-pressure in a limited source region. We show how a wrinkle-like rupture pulse can mature also in the 3D case where we have a mixing of in-plane and anti-plane modes, the instability specific of a bimaterial interface acting only for the in-plane mode. The pulse develops inside a cone-shaped region with its axis aligned with the direction of displacement in the softer material, its tip being at the nucleation region.
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