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New data on direct ion storage dosemeters

Fuchs, Hermann, Simon Stähler, and Michael Dittmar (2008), New data on direct ion storage dosemeters, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 128(1), 120-123, doi:10.1093/rpd/ncm240.

The DIS-1 dosemeter from the Finnish company RADOS is an innovative kind of passive electronic dosemeter for photon and beta radiation. This study examines the ‘long-term’ linear response behaviour, the calibration and readout accuracy with large samples of ‘used’ DIS-1 dosemeters especially in the low-dose region, which is of special interest for radiation protection issues. Our measurements prove the adequacy of the DIS-1 dosemeter for long-term-personal dosimetry. The fast and precise readout seems to make the DIS-1 dosemeter an ideal choice for personal dosimetry in low-dose environments.
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