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DFG 2022 Calendar will show Geodynamic Simulations

05. Nov 2021

The German Science Foundation (DFG) has selected an image for the November page of the 2022 DFG calendar that visualizes the efforts in the Munich Geodynamics Group to construct time dependent geodynamic earth models. It shows the convection process in Earth’s mantle, as well as its geologic surface effects, namely uplift and subsidence of Earth’s surface and its expression in the geologic record of inter-regional scale sedimentation. This computationally intensive geodynamic research is made possible by our Linux computing cluster, optimised for capacity geophysical simulations and funded by the infrastructure program of DFG.  Moreover, at the very high numerical resolution of global geodynamic earth models, visualization techniques at the most advanced level must be employed, for which Dr. Markus Wiedemann signs responsible.

The creation of the image and the underlying datasets includes the combined efforts of Berta Vilacis Baurier, Dr. Lorenzo Colli, Dr. Marcus Mohr, Dr. Jens Oeser, Dr. Bernhard S.A. Schuberth, Dr. Ingo Stotz, Jorge Nicholas Hayek Valencia, Dr. Markus Wiedemann and Hans-Peter Bunge.
by Hans-Peter Bunge last modified 06. Nov 2021 06:49
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