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Congratulations to Dr Stuart Clark (University New South Wales) for receiving funding in resource exploration

29. May 2020

Dr. Stuart Clark (UNSW) in collaboration with Prof. Hans-Peter Bunge (LMU Munich) 
has been awarded $445,000 from the Australian Research Council to build a new
workflow for improving resource exploration evaluation by Australian and European
companies and applied to three practical industry cases in frontier basins. The
expected outcomes of this proposal are: detailed risk analysis of energy resources
in frontier basins onshore and offshore; a new strategic collaboration between
industry, government and universities; students trained in advanced computational
methods suitable for the evolving energy industry; and a software product that has
a high commericalisation potential. The project will exchange knowledge between
industry, government agencies and universities in Europe and Australia and has
applications for mineral prospectivity in sedimentary basins. https://www.energynewsbulletin.net/exploration/news/1387567/santos-lundin-and-unsw-collaborate-on-frontier-basin-research
by Hans-Peter Bunge last modified 29. May 2020 16:47
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