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Bachtadse Fest

C106 Geology Building, 18. Oct 2019, 14:00

On Friday, Oct 18th 2019, over 100 people (faculty, students, alumni and invited guest speakers) came together in the Munich Geocenter for the Bachtadse Fest, to celebrate and honor the scientific achievements of Professor Valerian Bachtadse at the occasion of his retirement after nearly 30 years of Service in research of paleomagnetism at the geophysics division of the school of Earth Sciences of LMU. The fest-colloquium, which was opened by the dean of the School Professor Ludwig, focused onĀ  Pangea. The dispersal of the former supercontinent Pangea was the research focus of Professor Bachtadse. We wish all the best for the future to Professor Bachtadse.

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