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Munich Geocenter Dissertation award 2021 to Dr. Horbach

13. Mar 2021

Congratulations to Dr. A. Horbach for his outstanding thesis work on inverse-geodynamics using the adjoint method, which has been awarded the Dissertation prize 2021 of the Munich Geocenter. Through the highly innovative and mathematically rigorous work of Dr.Horbach, it is possible to compute time trajectories for Earth models from the present-day into the past, very much like films that run time-reversed. That means that Geodynamic Earth Models (GEMs) started from present-day mantle state estimates can be compared to constraints gleaned from geologic archives.  This opens a new dimension to explore the surface effects of deep-earth processes and to provide powerful new constraints on the convection processes that operate deep inside of our planet.

by Hans-Peter Bunge last modified 13. Mar 2021 16:38
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