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14. Nov 2018, 14:00

Geophysik Get-Together
Veranstaltung für Geophysikvertiefer im BSc Geowissenschaften und Geophysik-Nebenfächler. [more]

22. Oct 2018

K.H. Hoffmann Prize of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences for Prof. A. Fichtner
The Bavarian Academy of Sciences bestows the inaugural K.H. Hoffmann prize to Professor A. Fichtner from the ETH Zurich for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of theoretical seismology. The price will be presented at the annual meeting of the Academy on Dec 8, 2018. [more]

27. Jul 2018

Systematic distribution of magnetic crystals throughout the human brain
LMU researchers have for the first time investigated the distribution of magnetic crystals throughout the human brain. The study shows that they are asymmetrically distributed and are mainly found in the cerebellum and brain stem. [more]

09. Jul 2018

Collaboration with American Museum of Natural History -- LMU geophysicists provide new exhibit
LMU geophysicists use computationally intensive simulations to study processes in Earth’s mantle. A model based on their results is now one of the highlights of a permanent exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. [more]

23. Oct 2018

Ghelichkhani, Siavash, and Hans-Peter Bunge (2018), The adjoint equations for thermochemical compressible mantle convection: derivation and verification by twin experiments, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, doi:10.1098/rspa.2018.0329, in press.

02. Oct 2018

Bauer, S., D. Drzisga, M. Mohr, U. Rüde, C. Waluga, and B. Wohlmuth (2018), A stencil scaling approach for accelerating matrix-free finite element implementations, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, in press.

01. Sep 2018

Hable, Sarah, Karin Sigloch, Guilhem Barruol, Simon C. Stähler, and Céline Hadziioannou (2018), Clock errors in land and ocean bottom seismograms: High-accuracy estimates from multiple-component noise cross-correlations, Geophysical Journal International, 214, 2014-2034, doi:10.1093/gji/ggy236.

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