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11. Oct 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

Master Geophysics: Semester Opening for Freshmen
In this meeting we want to welcome our new masters students and give an overview on courses, contents, time schedules and the like. [more]

03. Sep 2019, 08:00 – 05. Sep 2019, 17:00

Visit of Dr. Marthe Klöcking
Dr. Marthe Klöcking of the Australian National University will visit Munich Geophysics on 3-5 of Sephtember. [more]

23. Jul 2019, 10:00 – 17:00

Masters Theses Defense of the 10th cohort
The defense of this years masters theses has been scheduled for July 23rd. [more]

18. Jul 2019, 12:15 – 13:15

Special Seminar by Professor D. Dobson (UCL) on Thursday July 18.
Professor David Dobson from the University College of London [more]

03. Sep 2019

Alice Gabriel wins ERC Starting Grant
Ten early-career researchers representing a wide range of disciplines have received Starting Grants from the European Research Council (ERC) with LMU as host institution. Each of these grants is worth approximately 1.5 million euros. Submissions are evaluated solely on the basis of the applicant’s previous scientific record and the quality of the proposed project. Moreover, LMU offers the option of appointment to a Tenure-Track Professorship to successful grantees, which can be converted into a permanent faculty position, subject to a positive assessment of performance. [more]

03. Sep 2019

Earthquake motions triggered surprise tsunami of Palu, Sulawesi in 2019 - new paper in Pure and Applied Geophysics
Combining earthquake and tsunami computer models of the 2018 tsunami in Palu, researchers identified underlying causes of the deadly tsunami and uncover critical role of direct earthquake motions. [more]

04. Aug 2019

A paper in Nature Communications by Bono et al. (2019) sheds light on the motion of Hotspots
A new paper in Nature Communications by Bono (Univ Liverpool), Tarduno (Univ Rochester) and Bunge (LMU Muenchen) sheds light on the motion of Hotspots indicating that Hotspot motion caused the Hawaiian-EmperorBend and that LLSVPs are not fixed [more]

01. Sep 2019

Cuenca-Garcia, C., et al. (2019), Introducing the ‘Soil science & Archaeo-Geophysics Alliance’ (SAGA): a new interdisciplinary network in archaeo-geophysics, 13th Int. Conf. on Archaeological Prospection, 13, 340-343, doi:10.32028/9781789693072.

01. Sep 2019

Fassbinder, J.W.E., S. Ostner, M Scheiblecker, M. Parsi, and M. v. Ess (2019), Venice in the desert: Archaeological geophysics on the world’s oldest metropolis Uruk-Warka, the city of King Gilgamesh (Iraq), 13th Int. Conf. on Archaeological Prospection, 13, 197-200, doi:10.32028/9781789693072.

01. Sep 2019

Lambers, L., J.W.E. Fassbinder, S. Campbell, and S. Hauser (2019), Ancient Charax Spasinou (Iraq) – Interpreting a multi-phase city based on magnetometer survey data, 13th Int. Conf. on Archaeological Prospection, 13, 201-205, doi:10.32028/9781789693072.

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