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05. Jul 2018, 15:00

ObsFest 2018
The 2018 Observatory Fest (ObsFest) will take place on July 5th (weather pending). [more]

28. Apr 2018

Earth Models shown at ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz
Earth Models shown at ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz [more]

28. Feb 2018

H.-P. Bunge to join Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the Royal Society A
H.-P. Bunge to join Editorial Board of the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A. [more]

12. Feb 2018

Yulia Vibe defended her thesis
Yulia Vibe, industrial student with Simula/Kalkulo Oslo and the geodynamics group, successfully defended her thesis on vertical motions of the Earth's lithosphere on Feb 5th. [more]

20. Jun 2018

Treumann, R. A., and W. Baumjohann (2018), Increased critical temperature $T_c$ in the ideal anisotropic boson gas, arXiv:1806.00626, 1-11, Paper submitted to Physics Letters A, 11 pages, 1 figure.

11. Jun 2018

Bauer, S., M. Huber, M. Mohr, U. RĂ¼de, and B. Wohlmuth (2018), A New Matrix-free Approach for Large-scale Geodynamic Simulations and its Performance, in Computational Science - ICCS 2018, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 10861, edited by Shi, Y., Fu, H., Tian, Y., Krzhizhanovskaya, V., Lees, M., Dongarra, J. and Sloot, P., pp. 17-30, Springer, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-93701-4_2.

01. Jun 2018

Fassbinder, J.W.E., F. Becker, and S. Abandowitz (2018), Aerial archaeology, airborne Laser scan and magnetomer prospection at the Iron Age Oppidum "Menosgada", Bavaria, Germany, Virtual Archaeology, 3, 65-68.

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