Seismic full‐waveform inversion of the crust‐mantle structure beneath China and adjacent regions


We present the first-generation full-waveform tomographic model (SinoScope 1.0) for the crust-mantle structure beneath China and adjacent regions. The three-component seismograms from 410 earthquakes recorded at 2,427 stations are employed in iterative gradient-based inversions for three successively broadened period bands of 70 - 120 s, 50 - 120 s, and 30 - 120 s. Synthetic seismograms were computed using GPU-accelerated spectral-element simulations of seismic wave propagation in 3-D anelastic models, and Fréchet derivatives were calculated based on an adjoint-state method facilitated by a checkpointing algorithm. The inversion involved 352 iterations, which required 18,600 wavefield simulations. SinoScope 1.0 is described in terms of isotropic P-wave (VP), horizontally and vertically polarized S-wave velocities (VSH and VSV), and mass density (ρ), which are independently constrained with the same data set coupled with a stochastic L-BFGS quasi-Newton optimization scheme. It systematically reduced differences between observed and synthetic full-length seismograms. We performed a detailed resolution analysis by repairing input random parametric perturbations, indicating that resolution lengths can approach the half propagated wavelength within the well-covered areas. SinoScope 1.0 reveals strong lateral heterogeneities in the lithosphere, and features correlate well with geological observations, such as sedimentary basins, Holocene volcanoes, Tibetan Plateau, Philippine Sea Plate, and various tectonic units. The asthenosphere lies below the lithosphere beneath East and Southeast Asia, bounded by subduction trenches and cratonic blocks. Furthermore, we observe an enhanced image of well-known slabs along strongly curved subduction zones, which does not exist in the initial model.

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