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Ultrasonic surface wave propagation in multi-layered structures

Mosca, Ilaria, Thomas Meier, and Karin Sigloch (2013), Ultrasonic surface wave propagation in multi-layered structures, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, submitted.

Non-destructive testing based on ultrasound allows us to detect, characterize and size discrete
flaws in geotechnical and engineering structures. This information is needed to determine
whether such flaws can be tolerated in future service. In typical ultrasonic experiments, only the first-arriving P-wave is interpreted, and the remainder of the recorded waveform is neglected. Our work aims at understanding surface waves, which are strong signals in the later wave train, with the ultimate goal of full waveform tomography. At present, even the structural estimation of layered media is still challenging because material properties of the samples can vary widely, and good initial models for inversion do not often exist.

The goal of the present study is to analyze ultrasonic surface waves propagating in
synthetic structures of increasing complexity. The tremendous potential of ultrasonic surface
waves becomes an advantage only if numerical forward modeling tools and spectral analysis
are available to describe the waveforms accurately and to distinguish the contribution of
surface wave modes. For this reason we compute synthetic full seismograms as well as group
and phase velocity spectral analysis for certain synthetic models that resemble structures
commonly tested with non-destructive technique, e.g., unweathered and weathered natural stones, concrete and plaster.
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