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Parameter Handling with XML and Schema

Speaker: Marcus Mohr (LMU, Geophysics)
Complex simulation codes require the user to supply a considerable amount of parameters to model his problem and steer the simulation run. These parameters are typically provided either via a parameter input file or a graphical user interface. Parameter files must adhere to a specified syntax to be parsable by the program. Self-written parsers are often error-prone or lead to a unflexible format of the input file. Also the early detection of inadmissable and unsensible parameter values is a hot topic. With this in mind, the talk we will give an introduction into the extensible markup language (XML) a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. We will continue by introducing Schema languages which allow to put constraints on the structure and content of XML documents and demonstrate parsing based on Apache's Xerces parser. We will consider the advantages and limitations of this approch for validation of parameter files for simulation codes.
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