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Selected Numerical Techniques (WS 17/18)

This page povides material for the course Selected Numerical Techniques for Geophysical Simulations.

Lecture Notes

This link takes you to the notes of the initial "blackboard part" of the course.

Lecture Slides

  • Part 1: Discrete Optimisation (PDF)
  • Part 2: FE Properties and Technical Aspects (PDF)
  • Part 3: FEniCS (PDF) (PDF)
  • Part 4: 2D Elements (PDF)
  • Part 5: A little bit of Theory (PDF)
  • Part 6: Quadrilateral and Isoparametric Elements (PDF)

Jupyter Notebooks

Notebook Content Jupyter version HTML version
#1: Let's play a little with FEniCS 1D spaces, interpolation, projection, ... ipynb html
#2: Solve our first FE problem weak form, boundary conditions, convergence ipynb html
#3: First 2D Example Poisson problem, access function values, evaluate functions at arbitrary points, use numpy for postprocessing ipynb html

Assignment Sheets

to be uploaded ...

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