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Lunchtime Seminar

Tuesday, 12:30 – 14:00, Theresienstr. 41, Room C419


Date Speaker Title Host
15. Oct 2019 Toshiro Tanimoto (UC Santa Barbara) Atmosphere-Solid Earth interactions for frequencies below 0.05 Hz Igel
22. Oct 2019 Robert Green (GFZ Potsdam) Transdimensional Monte Carlo Tomography of the Klyuchevskoy Volcanic Group, Kamchatka Igel
29. Oct 2019 Valera Shcherbakov (Geophysical Observatory “Borok” IPE RAS, Borok, Russia) Deciphering the palaeomagnetic field’s intensity from volcanic rocks Lhuillier
05. Nov 2019 Kseniia Bondar (Institute of Geology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine) Magnetic mineralogy of infill from burial grounds in Steppe zones of Ukraine to explain their magnetic anomalies” Fassbinder, Gilder
12. Nov 2019 Rebecca Pearce (UC London) Hydrothermal fluid and ancient structural system interaction in the Southern Andes: A magnetotelluric and seismic study Moorkamp
19. Nov 2019 Betsy Madden (Uiversidade de Brasilia) The role of pore fluid pressure in megathrust mechanics and earthquake dynamics Gabriel
26. Nov 2019 Elizabeth Berg (University of Utah) Tomography of Alaska from the Northern US Transportable Array Friedrich/Carena
03. Dec 2019 2nd Year MSc Students (LMU Munich) Master's Thesis Proposal Talks Bunge, Gilder, Igel, Wassermann, Schuberth
10. Dec 2019 no seminar (AGU)
17. Dec 2019 2nd Year MSc Students (LMU Munich) Master's Thesis Proposal Talks Fassbinder
07. Jan 2020 Thomas Ulrich (LMU Munich) Factors controlling the rupture process of a megathrust earthquake Gabriel
14. Jan 2020 Bo Li (LMU Munich) A Broad Spectrum of Fault Behaviors in Fast and Slow Earthquakes Gabriel
21. Jan 2020 Eugenio D'Ascoli (LMU Munich/University of Heidelberg) Magnetotelluric measurements in northern Bavaria Moorkamp
28. Jan 2020 Berta Vilacis (LMU Munich) Hiatal surfaces as a proxy to constrain dynamic topography on time Bunge
04. Feb 2020 Taufiqurrahman (LMU Munich) Untangling the dynamics of the 2019 Ridgecrest sequence by integrated dynamic rupture and Coulomb stress modeling across an immature 3D conjugate fault network Gabriel
03. Mar 2020 Betül Celik Correlating seismic wavefield gradients (MSc defense) Igel
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