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Alice-Agnes Gabriel


Alice-Agnes Gabriel

Alice-Agnes Gabriel

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Munich University
Theresienstr. 41
80333 Munich

Room: 416
Phone: +49 (89) 2180-4214
Fax: +49 (89) 2180-4205



Find us at EGU 2019!

  • Taufiqurrahman, S. Yuan, L. Krischer, A.-A. Gabriel, H. Igel, “Fracture characteri- zation from walkaround VSP in the presence of 6C sensors”, EGU2019-7885.
  • K. Gessele, S. Yuan, A.-A. Gabriel, D. A, May, H. Igel, “Rupture Tracking with Rotational Ground Motion 0bservations”, EGU2019-16493.
  • S. Anger, S. Wollherr, A.-A. Gabriel, “Dynamic earthquake rupture modeling in fracture networks of georeservoirs accounting for the effects of thermal pressurization”, EGU2019-16533.
  • S. Wollherr, I. van Zelst, A.-A. Gabriel, E. H. Madden, Y. van Dinther, “Plastic deformation and seafloor uplift in geomechanically constrained dynamic rupture models of subduction zone earthquakes”, EGU2019-14651.
  • F. Gallovic, Taufiqurrahman, A.-A. Gabriel, L. Valentova, “Dynamic rupture and ground motion modeling of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice, Italy, earthquake constrained by Bayesian dynamic finite-fault inversion", EGU2019-15214.
  • D. Li and A.-A. Gabriel, “Initiation of the 2014 Mw7.3 Papanoa, Mexico earthquake induced by a proceeding slow slip event", EGU2019-15355.
  • I. van Zelst, S. Wollherr, A.-A. Gabriel, Y. van Dinther, “Complex splay fault rupture and its effect on seafloor displacements", EGU2019-16263.
  • T. Ulrich, A.-A. Gabriel, J.-P. Ampuero, W. Xu, T. Gunawan, “Dynamic rupture simulations of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikoura earthquake: a cascading rupture on a complex fault system", EGU2019-9197.
  • A.-A. Gabriel, T. Ulrich, E. H. Madden, S. Wollherr, "The Great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake: Insights from dynamic rupture modeling", EGU2019-15419.

In case you missed us at AGU 2018 ...

  • E. H. Madden, T. Ulrich, L. Rannabauer, S. Vater, A.-A. Gabriel, J. Behrens, D. Li, Taufiqurrahman, Y. van Dinther, M. Bader, C. Uphoff, S. Wollherr and I. van Zelst, “Physics-based Coupled Models of the 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami”, AGU18:NH23F-3546.
  • A.-A. Gabriel, T. Ulrich, S. Wollherr, E. H. Madden, K. C. Duru, C. Uphoff, L. Rannabauer, M. Bader, J.-P. Ampuero, W. Xu and P. M. Mai, "Unraveling earthquake dynamics through large-scale multi-physics simulations (Invited)", AGU18:S24A-02.
  • T. Ulrich, E. H. Madden, S. Wollherr, T. Gunawan, and A.-A. Gabriel, "The Great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake: Insights from dynamic rupture modeling (Highlighted)", AGU18:S43C-0614.
  • L. Rannabauer, K. C. Duru, A.-A. Gabriel, A. O. K. Ling, M. Bader, T. Ulrich, "The ExaHyPE Hyperbolic PDE-Engine: Novel DG Methods for Seismic Wave Propagation in Alpine Regional Areas", AGU18:DI31B-0006.
  • A.-A. Gabriel, J. Behrens, M. Bader, Y. van Dinther, T. Gunawan, E. H. Madden, L. Rannabauer, S. Rettenberger, T. Ulrich*, C. Uphoff, S. Vater, S. Wollherr and I. van Zelst, “Coupled Seismic Cycle - Earthquake Dynamic Rupture - Tsunami Models”, AGU18:S21E-0492.
  • I. van Zelst, S. Wollherr, E. H. Madden, A.-A. Gabriel and Y. van Dinther, “A Coupled Method Using Longterm Subduction Models to Provide Realistic Conditions for Dynamic Earthquake Models”, AGU18:S43A-07
  • M. C. B. Williams, K. C. Duru, A.-A. Gabriel and E. M. Dunham, "3D Dynamic Rupture on Fractally Rough Faults in Random Heterogeneous Media", AGU18:S43A-01.
  • E. H. Madden, S. Vater, T. Ulrich, L. Rannabauer, and A.-A. Gabriel, “Using coupled models of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami to examine the impact of fluid pressure and megathrust geometry”, AGU18:T52C-07.
  • S. Jonsson, U. Avsar, Z. Bektas, N. Castro-Perdomo, A.-A. Gabriel, S. Hanafy, Y. Klinger, M. Lefevre, P. M. Mai, F. Masson, E. Pons-Branchu, M. Ribot, T. Ulrich, S. Wollherr, M. Youssof, “Interdisciplinary Earthquake Hazard Research in Gulf of Aqaba and Strait of Tiran (GAST)”, AGU18:T23D-0390.

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