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Alice-Agnes Gabriel


Alice-Agnes Gabriel

Alice-Agnes Gabriel

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Munich University
Theresienstr. 41
80333 Munich

Room: 416
Phone: +49 (89) 2180-4214
Fax: +49 (89) 2180-4205



Upcoming invited presentations

  • Alice Gabriel, Distinguished Speaker at the ISC High Performance Conference 2020, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Alice Gabriel, Invited talk at the International Conference on Computational Engineering and Science for Safety and Environmental Problems (COMPSAFE) 2020, Kobe, Japan.
  • Taufiqurrahman, Invited talk at the SSA Meeting session “Exploring Rupture Dynamics and Seismic Wave Propagation along Complex Fault System", Albuquerque, USA.
  • Alice Gabriel, Invited Plenary talk at the German Geophysical Society (DGG) Congress 2020, Munich, Germany.
  • Alice Gabriel, Invited Plenary talk and panelist at the EuroHPC Summit Week 2020, Porto, Portugal.
  • Alice Gabriel, Invited talk at the SCEC Dynamic Rupture Ingredients Workshop - Fault Friction 2020, Pomona, California, USA.

Press and media

In case you missed us at AGU 2019

  • "Verification of a 3D Fully-Coupled Earthquake and Tsunami Model", Lauren S Abrahams, Lukas Krenz, Eric M Dunham and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • "Rotational Motions in Anisotropic Media", Heiner Igel, Shihao Yuan, Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Jean-Paul Montagner
  • "High-resolution integrated dynamic rupture modeling of the 2019 M6.4 Searles Valley and M7.1 Ridgecrest earthquakes", Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Bo Li, Duo Li, Aniko Sara Wirp, Thomas Ulrich, Kadek H Palgunadi, Alessandro Verdecchia, Sara Carena and Zoe K Mildon
  • "Landers 1992 “Reloaded”: Integrative Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Modeling", Stephanie Wollherr, Nico Schliwa, Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Paul Martin Mai
  • "Multi-fault rupture dynamics of the Norcia, Mw 6.5, 30 October 2016, Central Italy earthquake, linked to composite kinematic models" Elisa Tinti, Emanuele Casarotti, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Thomas Ulrich and Duo Li
  • "Using supercomputers to unravel multi-physics and multi-scale earthquake dynamics and seismic wave propagation: targeting exascale high-performance computing", Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Michael Bader
  • "Are multi-fault rupture and fault roughness compatible? Dynamic rupture modeling of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikōura, New Zealand, rupture cascade with geometric fault complexity across scales", Thomas Ulrich, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Carsten Uphoff
  • "Dynamic earthquake rupture across complex 3D fracture networks", Sebastian Anger, and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • "Coupled, physics-based modeling reveals earthquake displacements are critical in generating the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi tsunami" Elizabeth H Madden, Thomas Ulrich, Stefan Vater, Joern Behrens, Ylona van Dinther, Iris van Zelst, Eric Jameson Fielding, Cunren Liang and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • "Splay fault rupture dynamics and off-fault deformation constrained by geodynamic subduction modelling", Iris van Zelst, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Ylona van Dinther
  • "Dynamic rupture modeling for the largest induced event linked to an Enhanced Geothermal System: the 2017 Mw 5.5 Pohang earthquake" Kadek H Palgunadi, Thomas Ulrich, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Jose-Angel Lopez-Comino, and Paul Martin Mai
  • "Plastic deformation, slip segmentation, geodynamic constraints and seafloor uplift in dynamic earthquake rupture models of the Great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake", Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Thomas Ulrich, Iris van Zelst, Elizabeth H Madden and Ylona van Dinther
  • "3D dynamic rupture earthquake and slow slip cycle modeling constrained by the slab geometry of the Guerrero seismic gap, Mexico", Duo Li, Andrea Perez, and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • "Elastic-Acoustic Coupling for 3D Tsunamigenic Earthquake Simulations with ADER-DG on Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes", Lukas Krenz, Carsten Uphoff, Lauren S Abrahams, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Eric M Dunham and Michael Bader
  • "ExaSeis: A dynamically adaptive discontinuous Galerkin framework for the simulation of earthquakes with mesh generation avoiding schemes", Leonhard Rannabauer, On Ki Angel Ling, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Duo Li, Dominic Etienne Charrier, Kenneth Duru and Michael Bader
  • "Spectral Element Discretizations with Implicit Time Integrators on Unstructured Simplex Meshes for Computational Seismology" Dave May, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Jed Brown

In case you missed us at EGU 2019 ...

  • Taufiqurrahman, S. Yuan, L. Krischer, A.-A. Gabriel, H. Igel, “Fracture characterization from walkaround VSP in the presence of 6C sensors”, EGU2019-7885.
  • K. Gessele, S. Yuan, A.-A. Gabriel, D. A, May, H. Igel, “Rupture Tracking with Rotational Ground Motion 0bservations”, EGU2019-16493.
  • S. Anger, S. Wollherr, A.-A. Gabriel, “Dynamic earthquake rupture modeling in fracture networks of georeservoirs accounting for the effects of thermal pressurization”, EGU2019-16533.
  • S. Wollherr, I. van Zelst, A.-A. Gabriel, E. H. Madden, Y. van Dinther, “Plastic deformation and seafloor uplift in geomechanically constrained dynamic rupture models of subduction zone earthquakes”, EGU2019-14651.
  • F. Gallovic, Taufiqurrahman, A.-A. Gabriel, L. Valentova, “Dynamic rupture and ground motion modeling of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice, Italy, earthquake constrained by Bayesian dynamic finite-fault inversion", EGU2019-15214.
  • D. Li and A.-A. Gabriel, “Initiation of the 2014 Mw7.3 Papanoa, Mexico earthquake induced by a proceeding slow slip event", EGU2019-15355.
  • I. van Zelst, S. Wollherr, A.-A. Gabriel, Y. van Dinther, “Complex splay fault rupture and its effect on seafloor displacements", EGU2019-16263.
  • T. Ulrich, A.-A. Gabriel, J.-P. Ampuero, W. Xu, T. Gunawan, “Dynamic rupture simulations of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikoura earthquake: a cascading rupture on a complex fault system", EGU2019-9197.
  • A.-A. Gabriel, T. Ulrich, E. H. Madden, S. Wollherr, "The Great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake: Insights from dynamic rupture modeling", EGU2019-15419.

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