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Bernhard Schuberth

(Geodynamics, Computational Science, Nonlinear Geophysics, Numerical Simulation)

Bernhard Schuberth

Bernhard Schuberth

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t (LMU) M√ľnchen
Theresienstr. 41
80333 Munich

Room: C 402
Phone: +49 (89) 2180-4201

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Place and Date of Birth
21.7.1977Regensburg, Germany

Professional Experience
Mar. 2012 - present Assistant Professor, Geophysics Section, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Munich, Germany
Feb. 2010 - Jan. 2012 Marie-Curie Fellow, Seismology Section, UMR GéoAzur, CNRS, Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne, France
July 2009 - Jan. 2010 Post-Doc in computational seismology and geodynamics, Geophysics Section, LMU Munich, Germany
2004 - 2009 PhD student in computational seismology and geodynamics within the International Graduate College THESIS of the Elite-Netzwerk Bayern, LMU Munich
Mar./Apr. 2004 Graduate Assistant, Geophysics Section, LMU Munich

July 2009 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) summa cum laude in Geophysics
November 2003 Diplom in Geophysics with distinction
1997 - 2003 Studies of Geophysics, LMU Munich

March 2008 Best Oral Presentation, German Geophysical Society (DGG), 67th Annual Meeting 2007 in Aachen, Germany
June 2004 Edison Award - Silver Prize for the diploma thesis, General Electrics Foundation and the Institute of International Education
February 2002 - 2008 Fellowship from e-fellows.net

Winter term 2009/2010 Introduction to Earth System Sciences (Solid Earth Part), given within the Master's Program ESPACE, Technical University Munich, (Atmosphere{ Ocean{Cryosphere-Part given by Prof. Dr. Reiner Rummel)

2010 Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship within the 7th European Community Framework Programme (PIEF-GA-2009-235861)
Budget: 173401,73 Euro
2009 Access to DEISA supercomputing infrastructure within the DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative (DECI-5) Computing Budget: 760,000 CPU-hours
2009 Access to the National Supercomputer HLRB II of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Munich Computing Budget: 1.7 million CPU-hours

Business Fluent German (native), English, French

Professional Societies
Since 2003 Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

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