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10. Jul 2014, 10:00

PhD Defense of Moritz Bernauer
Moritz Bernauer will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Reducing Non-uniqueness in Seismic Inverse Problems: New Observables in Seismology" on Thursday, the 10th of July, 10:00 am in room C419, Theresienstr. 41. [more]

20. May 2014 – 23. May 2014

1st ASCETE Sudelfeld Summit - Workshop on advanced numerical methods for earthquake and tsunami simulation on modern HPC systems
The 1st ASCETE Sudelfeld Summit focuses on the combined numerical simulation of earthquakes and tsunamis on large-scale HPC infrastructure. International scientists introduce the topics with their keynote lectures: advanced numerical methods, earthquake physics, seismic wave and tsunami propagation, efficient code implementation on modern HPC architectures and geodynamical perspective on subduction zones. After the overview of the state-of-the-art in each research field, the keynote lectures are followed by an open discussion and short talks of the workshop participants. The workshop is dedicated to all-level researchers interested in the proposed topics and in particular in the combined simulation of earthquakes and tsunamis. More information and application: http://www.ascete.de/ [more]

23. Feb 2014 – 28. Feb 2014

4th Munich Earth Skience School (MESS), February 23-28, 2014
The 4th MESS winter school will take place near Munich, February 23-28, 2014. The focus this year is on Python/ObsPy tools applied to seismic array processing on all scales. Lecturers are Tine Thomas, Joachim Wassermann, and Tobias Megies. [more]

04. Jun 2014

Alice Gabriel receives the PASC14 Best Poster Award Solid Earth Dynamics
The poster contribution "Simulating large-scale earthquake dynamic rupture scenarios on natural fault zones with the ADER-DG method" received the Best Poster Award in Solid Earth Dynamics at the 2014 Platform of Advanced Scientific Computing Conference (PASC14) in Zurich, Switzerland. [more]

04. Jun 2014

Welcome to Stephanie Wollherr, PhD Student
Stephanie Wollherr joins the seismology group to pursue her PhD conducting realistic earthquake scenario simulations including source dynamics on natural fault zones with SeisSol. Welcome! [more]

16. Apr 2014

Computational record on SuperMUC
Scientists at LMU and TUM have optimized the SeisSol earthquake simulation software on the Supercomputer SuperMUC to push its performance beyond the “magical” 1 petaflop/s mark – one quadrillion floating point operations per second. [more]

08. Jul 2014

Colli, L., I. Stotz, H.-P. Bunge, M. Smethurst, S. Clark, G. Iaffaldano, A. Tassara, F. Guillocheau, and M. C. Bianchi (2014), Rapid South Atlantic spreading changes and coeval vertical motion in surrounding continents: Evidence for temporal changes of pressure-driven upper mantle flow, Tectonics, doi:10.1002/2014TC003612.

01. Jul 2014

Donner, Stefanie, Abdolreza Ghods, Frank Krüger, Dirk Rößler, Angela Landgraf, and Paolo Ballato (2014), The Ahar - Varzeghan earthquake doublet (Mw 6.4 and 6.2) of 11th August 2012 - A seismotectonic interpretation from regional moment tensors, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, in press.

24. Jan 2014

Three postdoctoral positions in geophysics/seismology
ERC funded positions in the field of theoretical and experimental seismology with a strong focus on observing and understanding seismic ground motions in the context of imaging internal structure and sources. [more]

18. Jan 2014

PhD position in Computational Seismology at LMU, Munich
Wave and rupture simulations using the discontinuous Galerkin method (SeisSol) [more]

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